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Assessing, Mitigating and Prioritizing Climate-Related Risk for Your Organization

From “The Letter” to government policy to impending legislation, companies are feeling the pressure to better map and understand where there are climate-related risks within their portfolios.

Given these pressures, there has been a noticeable increase of interest in understanding and mitigating risks and how to build business resilience. The general increase in climate-aware organizations has brought resilience into focus, and as global climate change continues, climate-related risks continue to grow and become a significant threat to companies and the economy. It’s time for all companies to begin taking a proactive—rather than reactive—response to climate risk assessments and scenario planning.

Our experts, Mihaly Bor and Lindsey Edelman, discuss climate-related risks and trends and share best practices for how companies can understand risks, realize opportunities, and prepare for credible disclosures.


 Mihaly Bor, Senior Climate Change Consultant, Schneider Electric


Lindsey Edelman, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Schneider Electric