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Relief Measures for Rising Energy Prices in Australia

Lisa Zembrodt, Principal of the Sustainability Business, at Schneider Electric, was featured on ABC Radio discussing relief measures for rising energy prices in Australia. According to Lisa, The Australian Energy Market Intervention Bill, which introduced caps on coal and gas prices, is likely to benefit households first, by June or July of 2023. Businesses are set to realize its benefits later, by 2024, because most businesses have likely already have contracted for 2023 electricity and gas. Lisa Zembrodt believes that this bill is indeed valuable because it protects households and businesses, pillars that are crucial in the Australian economy. She also states that the Australian government should continue to focus on their domestic energy market by electrifying its processes and becoming more energy efficient to stave off the effects the global energy market might have. 

Listen to the full interview hear to get more insight on the outlook for Australian energy prices.