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NEO Network: Through the Eyes of Industry Leaders

The New Energy Opportunities (NEO) Network™ is a collaborative platform that helps commercial and industrial companies quickly identify and vet renewable energy, cleantech, and energy-efficiency prospects. NEO Network is designed to remove the layers of complexity that currently make buying and implementing these types of technologies and solutions a challenge, advancing informed decision-making and partnerships.

However, the success of any network hinges on the value it brings to the people and organizations that join and contribute.

So here is NEO Network according to several flagship participants:

Corporate energy and sustainability leaders need to develop and implement a global renewable energy strategy and purchasing plan. They’re faced with the challenge of educating themselves and their leadership on the right procurement plan and solutions, but struggle to navigate the global landscape of market functionality, solution providers, and procurement mechanisms.

Allergan develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative branded pharmaceuticals and biologic products for patients around the world. By 2020, the company wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water use by 20 percent.

“We need to continue to take a smart, strategic approach to moving from goals to action and implementation,” said Tom Pagliuco, Director of Global Energy Engineering, Allergan. “By participating in NEO Network, we’ll reduce the time we spend keeping up with the dynamic and constantly evolving cleantech industry. It will help us more easily identify the right technologies and partners to reduce the carbon footprint of our 19 sites in eight countries.”

Clean technology developers and solution providers accustomed to structuring solutions for utilities must shift their approach to cater to the needs of end-user entering the market. Competition and customer acquisition cost are at an all-time high and leading providers need to connect with companies that are educated and action-oriented.

Bloom Energy is a provider of a revolutionary on-site power generation system called the Bloom Energy Server® based on proprietary fuel cell technology that provides 24×7 firm power that is reliable, clean, and cost-effective. The Bloom Energy Server combines fuel with oxygen from the ambient air to produce electricity through a highly efficient electrochemical reaction without combustion. Bloom Energy Servers currently produce power for many Fortune 500 companies.

“By building a community where all interested parties can learn, interact and transact, NEO Network can help drive big ideas and sustainability goals forward,” said Matt Ross, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Bloom Energy. “We look forward to being a member in the NEO Network, it will allow us connect with organizations at scale to support their sustainability efforts.”

As the need for cleantech grows, along with technology and purchasing options, companies face the task of finding an ideal fit to support their climate action and business goals. NEO Network simplifies and accelerates the buying process by connecting end users to viable projects and technologies. As a result, companies are able to find the right tools and financial vehicles to meet their sustainability goals.

In 40 markets across 5 continents, Equinix connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees, and partners inside the most interconnected data centers. The company nearly tripled its renewable energy procurement in 2016; 82 percent of the electricity it now purchases is renewable. Equinix has a long-term goal of using clean energy to power all its operations.

“We recently contracted 330 megawatts of solar and wind energy through three different purchase power agreements, and understand how complicated the process can be,” said Sam Kapoor, Chief Global Operations Officer, Equinix. “These are long-term contracts and we can’t afford to lock into agreements with unknown financial risk. A platform such as the NEO Network will be valuable as we look to achieve our goal of 100 percent clean and renewable energy.”

Commercial and industrial companies learn about energy opportunities through global market research and news. They need access to experts and knowledge centers that can deliver insight and analysis relevant to all the locations and areas where they operate.

VF Corporation is a global leader in branded lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories. Its portfolio includes brands such as The North Face, Timberland and Vans. The company has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent from a 2009 baseline, preventing 1.7 million gallons of gasoline combustion. And key to meeting that goal is the company’s push to have all VF-owned and -operated facilities powered by renewable energy by 2025.

“Climate change is the defining issue of our generation, and we believe that urgent and focused action is needed now,” said Letitia Webster, VP of Global Corporate Sustainability at VF Corporation. “As we take steps toward our 100 percent renewable energy target, the NEO Network is a tool to help navigate the complexities in the market more efficiently, and gather and share best practices.”

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