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Owens Corning Gives Schneider Electric ‘Spirit of Partnership’ Award

Owens Corning Gives Schneider Electric ‘Spirit of Partnership’ Award

Owens Corning recently named Schneider Electric a Spirit of Partnership Award winner for various services provided to the residential manufacturing leader – from helping develop a renewable energy strategy  to trimming energy costs across plants, facilities and operations to quickly responding to special requests.

The award acknowledges relationships that extend beyond the traditional customer-supplier agreement, and recognizes partners with a deep and passionate interest in mutual growth and profitability, often demonstrated by the creation and implementation of innovative technology and services. This ideal is best embodied by the joint planning and execution of Owens Corning’s renewable energy strategy.

“Owens Corning is excited to present Schneider Electric with this prestigious award to demonstrate our appreciation in the partnership to accelerate our energy and sustainability vision,” said Steve Nowak, Vice President of Global Sourcing at Owens Corning. “Their thought leadership and continued focus has helped us achieve significant economic advantage while meeting critical sustainability commitments.”

“Owens Corning sets the standard for what it means to be a good steward of the environment and bottom line,” said Steve Wilhite, Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric. “It’s the same ethic that drives Schneider Electric, which is why we’ve had such a successful working relationship. A shared vision drives results.”