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Sustainability Trends and Analytical Chemistry

Sustainability Trends and Analytical Chemistry

On April 26, AmCham Denmark welcomed 200 researchers, chemists, suppliers and industry experts to the Scandic Copenhagen for the 17th annual Executive Seminars in Analytical Chemistry (ESAC 2017). ESAC brings together manufacturers, leading scientific researchers, progressive vendors and cutting-edge technology providers within the field of analytical instruments.

Toby Crewe, International Solutions Director at Schneider Electric, delivered a keynote speech on “Key Trends in the Field of Sustainability and the Road Ahead” during this year’s seminars. And here are five takeaways from the presentation and event:

1. The field of sustainability has evolved from philanthropic initiatives to a risk management approach
Global environmental scandals and an increasingly resource-constrained environment is forcing companies to proactively address sustainability topics to stay competitive.

2. Sustainability initiatives are uncovering opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk and generate revenue 

Products designed with sustainability in mind generate financial opportunities. Companies can create new revenue streams through renewable energy and storage, as well as response programs. A strategic sustainability plan prevents fines and carbon taxes.

3. It’s an adage for a reason: You can’t change what you can’t measure

Start by collecting your sustainability data across the organization and ensuring it is accessible for analysis and benchmarking.

4. Sustainability must be integrated across the organization

Sustainability has broad business value — from mitigating risk to improving operating efficiency to providing energy security and resilience. It shouldn’t be relegated to just environmental initiatives and concerns.

5. Renewable energy is (and will continue to be) on the rise

April saw Britain’s first ever working day without coal power since the Industrial Revolution, according to the National Grid. There are new opportunities for purchasing renewable energy and meeting sustainability goals, starting with renewable energy credits to more advanced options such as onsite microgrids and power purchase agreements.

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