U.S. Rebates and Incentives Update: April 2018

April 18, 2018 Chad Holder

Schneider Electric helps organizations identify, qualify, pursue and obtain dollars the utilities set aside for energy efficiency projects. Each month our experts compile important news and notes on rebates and incentives from around the U.S.

DLC Updates Policy to Minimize Discrepancies

In mid-March, the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) updated its qualified product list. The DLC removed products inaccurately represented by 49 manufacturers that had incorrectly received qualification due to these misrepresentations. In total, 1,220 lighting measures were de-listed. In addition to the de-listing, these manufacturers face a two-month suspension for all current applications.

Utilities and companies trust the DLC to identify Led Light in handproducts that will deliver substantial energy savings through high performance. Continual evolution of LED technology creates a strong need to warrant the true efficiency of lighting products. To safeguard the program’s integrity and reputation in representing valuable, superior quality products, the DLC released Technical Requirements Version 4.3 with an update of policies for lighting specifications. The new requirements went into effect March 26, 2018.

Kentucky Continues Commercial Energy Program Suspensions: Duke Energy – KY

Another Kentucky utility has been ordered to suspend its rebate program while the Kentucky Public Service Commission assesses the value and benefit of energy incentive programs. In February, we brought you similar news pertaining to Kentucky Power. This particular suspension of Duke Energy – Kentucky incentive programs is a result of the KPSC’s hearing on February 14, 2018.

In spite of the ruling to discontinue demand-side management programs, Duke Kentucky petitioned and a rehearing was granted. Duke KY presented two arguments:

  • The Commission did not allow Duke to present an argument on behalf of demand-side programs prior to the suspension.
  • The Commission’s information for suspending the program was incomplete.

If the load reductions provided by the program are eliminated, Duke Kentucky will not have the capacity to meet reserve requirements. Meanwhile, the program will remain suspended. We will continue to provide updates as they are available.


Pepco & Delmarva

Pepco and Delmarva renamed the Pepco and Delmarva Power Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Energy Savings Program. The new program names are separated and regarded as either Pepco Energy Savings for Business Program or Delmarva Power Energy Savings for Business Program. An online customer survey proved the new name resonates best with customers. The conversion is being incorporated into the website, forms/documents, and marketing materials.

Additionally, retrofit lighting worksheet updates for Pepco and Delmarva are complete. LED troffer/panel measures are updated to better match present technology. Other changes strive to minimize errors and enhance ease of use.

Potomac Edison

Potomac Edison’s Energy Solutions for Business Program modified its program guidelines. These modifications include an incentive cap on retrofit and new construction projects. Retrofit projects will receive the prescribed incentive or 50% of the total cost including labor, whichever is less. New construction projects will receive a max of 75% of incremental costs. The changes are effective immediately.

Efficiency Maine

Empty restaurant kitchen with professional equipmentEffective March 1, 2018, traditional prescriptive kitchen incentives are no longer available. In place of the rebate program, kitchen equipment is now relocated to a midstream, distributor discount program. The rebate is received at the point of sale directly from participating kitchen equipment distributors. A list of participating distributors is available on the utility website.

Consolidated Edison

As of March 1, 2018, multiple changes went into effect for ConEd’s incentive program. HVAC incentives increased for both prescriptive and custom measures. Custom incentives increased to $0.16 per kWh, plus an added $600 per kW reduced. HVAC incentives also increased.

Additionally, some C&I Program incentives for LED lamps have transferred to the Instant Lighting Incentive Program, meaning they are now available at point of sale through the distributor only.


Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Rebate amounts for several lighting measures are decreasing in Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s Business Rebate program. The new rebate amounts will launch April 3, 2018. PSO will continue to honor former incentive rates on applications submitted by midnight, the day before.


  • Pacific Gas and Electric is suspending rebates for exterior LED until a new application is approved. There is currently no estimate for this date.
  • Rochester Gas & Electric and New York State Electric & Gas are preparing to release revised lighting applications May 1, 2018.
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