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PREVIEW: Embedding Climate Risk and Resilience into Sustainability Strategy

As global climate change continues climate-related risks are a significant threat to much of the economy – and the pandemic hit fast-forward especially on many of the transition risks, putting companies under pressure to map out their risks and take a proactive response.

Leading organizations understand that climate-compatible approaches not only improve resilience, but create huge opportunities in terms of new businesses, products and services. Climate-aware, low-carbon investment is a huge trend, and decarbonization is taking center stage in investors’ portfolio strategies.

In our recently hosted live webinar with Auchan, Simon Property Group and EQT we discussed risk drivers and explored how these drivers are leading to mitigation and adaptation. Panelists shared insights into how they’re mitigating risks within their portfolios and exploring opportunities, along with what investors are looking for in companies. Listen in on this short clip from the recent webinar to learn how mapping climate risk helps achieve organizational objectives, resilience and new growth.

Watch the full webinar to hear all the insights!