Innovative Energy Solutions for Data Center Performance

November 25, 2019

There’s a renewable revolution under way. Driven by the rapidly falling price of utility-scale wind and solar power, companies are committing to and procuring clean energy in ever increasing numbers. Additionally, the request for resilient, redundant power due to natural disasters or power interruptions within region, have prompted companies to seek innovative solutions.

Demand is high in the cloud-service, colocation, and data center space where cost and reliability of energy supply are key considerations. These companies are also facing increasing pressure from their customers, who themselves are seeking cleaner, greener real estate.

The choices for corporate renewable energy have never been better. In this engaging online event, Mike Nolan, Client Development Manager for Renewables and Cleantech at Schneider Electric, and Carsten Baumann, Director of Strategy for IoT and Microgrid at Schneider Electric, share their unique perspectives on solutions and a portfolio-based approach when it comes to renewables. Also joining us is Peter Asmus, Research Director at Navigant, who offers his perspective when deciding to switch to innovative energy solutions and ensure optimal data center performance and mitigating risk of operations.  

From this webinar, you will: 

  • Understand the benefits of a portfolio-based approach to renewables and sustainable energy.
  • Learn about two primary renewable solutions: power purchase agreements (PPA) and microgrids which are impacting colocation energy strategies.
  • Hear from leaders in the data center industry on why they’ve chosen innovative energy solutions to ensure sustainable data center performance and address their corporate responsibility.

We invite you to watch the recording of this webinar, from the Digital International Colocation Club (ICC), hosted by Schneider Electric; Innovative Energy Solutions to Consider for Your Colocation Data Center Performance

About Our Speakers

Peter Asmus, Research Director at Navigant.

Peter Asmus is Research Director for microgrids at Navigant Research focusing on emerging energy distribution, integration and optimization smart grid models for a variety of end-use applications, including data centers and other C&I applications. Peter has 30 years of experience in energy markets, as an analyst, writer, and consultant. His expertise also extends to new distributed energy resource (DER) platforms such as virtual power plants and distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS).

Peter has been managing Navigant Research’s microgrid syndicated research service since 2009. In that role, he has served as the lead author of over 40 different reports covering topics as diverse as different microgrid global market segments (ranging from off-grid, remote communities to direct current (DC) data centers), capacity and revenue forecasts, technology evaluations and regulatory analysis. During the course of this research, he has also profiled over 100 market players active in this microgrid space.

Mike Nolan, Client Development Mgr. for Renewables and Cleantech at Schneider Electric.

Mike has spent the last 11 years focused on the energy space, most recently accelerating the growth of onsite and offsite renewable energy projects/programs for Schneider Electric clients.  His current industries of focus include Technology (including Cloud/Data Centers) and Telecommunications, and he has worked closely with clients such as Digital Realty, Iron Mountain, Equinix, T-Mobile and Sprint.  Prior to Schneider Electric, Mike managed client relationships with US utilities for the consulting firm BRIDGE Energy Group (acquired by Accenture). Mike graduated from St. Michael’s College, in Winooski, Vermont with a B.A. in Journalism.

Carsten Baumann, Director of Strategy for IoT and Microgrid at Schneider Electric.

Carsten is responsible for developing and executing Industrial IoT and Microgrid strategies in the Commercial & Industrial and Data Center markets that allow clients to achieve greater resiliency, achieve sustainability objectives and create economic benefits. Prior, he supported the Consulting and Engineering community by advising on resource-optimized energy management solutions in the data center market. With his engineering background in the broadcast, telecommunications, AV and IT industry, he helped companies to position themselves for growth and success in these markets. Carsten held senior management positions with Barco, Leitch, Inc. (now Innovation Technology). He started his engineering career at JVC Professional as a systems and maintenance engineer. Additionally, Carsten’s knowledge and expertise has led to consulting positions with major broadcast corporations around the world, devising solutions to migrate and integrate their IT based digital infrastructures. Throughout his career, Carsten has developed and taught many classes on a diverse set of technological subjects in the fields of data centers, IT, telecommunications, signal processing and data compression. His technical papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals and he frequently speaks on national and international venues.

Carsten, who joined Schneider Electric in early 2012, until end of last year he served as President on the board of AFCOM Southern California, an organization for data center professionals. He was chairman for The Global Society for Asset Management (G-SAM). Carsten holds an electrical engineering degree from the Theodor-Litt-Schule in Giessen, Germany.

Greg Jones, VP of Strategy and Offer Management for the Cloud & Service Provider Segment globally for Schneider Electric.

Greg and his team are focused on ensuring that Schneider has the right offers, commercial approach, and execution infrastructure around the globe to support cloud and colocation clients now and in the future. 

Greg has been involved in the Data Center Service Provider space for more than 5 years and prior to that has served in various operational & business strategy functions across multiple businesses within Schneider Electric. Greg also spent three years as a management consultant at Diamond Management & Technology Partners working with CIO’s and CTO’s to develop & execute their digital strategies.

Greg holds a BS degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

About Digital International Colocation Club (ICC)

Digital ICC is the online forum of the International Colocation Club, hosted by Schneider Electric. Through the ICC, colocation providers from around the globe come together to gain insights to grow their business. Through peer-to-peer sharing, industry experts and technology thought leaders, colocation providers will be prepared to evolve their business to meet future needs. The ICC meets annually in additional to locally-hosted Colo Clubs in select countries. To continue the discussion beyond the event, the Digital ICC offers exclusive content including a series of webinars.

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