Supplying the Sustainability Goods for BD

July 12, 2017 Allison Schweizer

Supplying the Sustainability Goods for BD

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) recently recognized Schneider Electric as its 2016 Supplier of the Year for Sustainability for various services provided to the medical technology company — from data and reporting to renewable energy research.

The award recognizes suppliers that make significant contributions to advancing or supporting key global initiatives, products and processes. BD views sustainability as a portfolio of complementary programs and actions to further its primary purpose: Advancing the world of health.

Schneider Electric supports this vision through sustainability reporting services, aiding BD in all aspects of the reporting process. This includes data collection and analysis, as well as survey development and submission. The work has helped BD increase its CDP Climate Change score from a C in 2010 to a B last year. The company also added CDP Water to its reporting regimen in 2016.

BD Supplier of the Year - Sustainability Award

(From Left) Rusty Varisco, Elin Olson, and Garrett Taylor of Schneider Electric, alongside William Hoenigmann of BD, receive the 2016 Supplier of the Year Award for Sustainability.

BD’s overall sustainability strategy and 2020 goals include reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain and minimizing the environmental footprint in manufacturing. The ability to track data through Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxture™ Resource Advisor software enables energy and sustainability teams to accurately measure and track progress toward these objectives.

Since 2008, BD and Schneider Electric have collaborated to boost energy and water efficiency, and environmental performance. Schneider specialists have also helped shape BD’s energy buying program, finding the right utilities at the right price and delivering savings. The companies plan to expand the relationship to help educate employees on sustainability and smart efficiency practices.

“BD truly encapsulates what it means to work toward the triple bottom line — people, planet and profit — and has a culture focused on turning challenges into opportunities,” said Steve Wilhite, Senior Vice President of Energy & Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric. “This mirrors our priorities and approach, which is why the partnership continues to deliver results.”

Connect with Schneider Electric for more information on sustainability reporting, energy sourcing and enterprise data management. And follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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