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Schneider Electric’s Resource Advisor Software Featured by Microsoft’s #BuildFor2030 Campaign

Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management, automation, and sustainability, today announced that its EcoStruxure Resource Advisor software has been selected by Microsoft for its #BuildFor2030 campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to showcase solutions and services driving positive impact and contributing to a more inclusive economy.

Resource Advisor is a best-in-class, AI-assisted, cloud-based solution for managing cross-enterprise energy and sustainability data. Companies are able to track data across more than 400 categories to have near real-time access to their resource performance and use the platform to centralize KPI management and reporting and disclosure. The data is paired with Schneider’s unique approach to energy and sustainability consulting, bringing together technology and expertise, resulting in a “mind-plus-machine” approach to climate action.

“We are pleased to be selected for Microsoft’s #BuildFor2030 campaign and its vision of a sustainable, inclusive, and digital future,” said Susan Uthayakumar, President of the Sustainable Business Division at Schneider Electric. “We know that data management and the transition to digital are critical steps in climate action as businesses seek ways to operate more cleanly and efficiently. The selection of Resource Advisor to the #Buildfor2030 portfolio of solutions recognizes Schneider Electric’s role as a digital partner in sustainability, working with others in our ecosystem to conquer climate change together.”

The selection comes on the heels of Schneider’s most recent climate action research, which indicates that corporate interest in and urgency on climate action are at an all-time high among executives. Of the more than 100 respondents from across industries, nearly 90 percent report that they either have a climate action plan in place or in development. And yet, 42 percent of respondents say that poor quality or incomplete data is a barrier to implementing their plan.

The disruptions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have also been a wake-up call for organizations, 51 percent of which cite climate change and its impacts as the biggest threat to future energy and resource supply. A significant 85 percent of respondents indicate that they are now considering using energy and sustainability to build resilience in their business. Interestingly, confidence in preparedness to manage disruption has fallen since our 2020 research, with fewer companies now reporting their readiness for innovation and disruption. Access the full data book here.

“One of the most important things the past year has shown us is the value of data to resource and crisis management. And I’m not only referring to COVID-19 when I say that. Lack of centralized energy data also played a role in the humanitarian crisis in Texas in February,” said Steve Wilhite, SVP of Energy and Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric. “As companies seek to prepare for future disruptions, especially those that are rooted in climate change, real-time access to smart data will be more critical than ever.” Resource Advisor helps organizations by centralizing their data management so they can make smarter, faster resource decisions – especially important during periods of disruption

Learn more about Resource Advisor here.