The Energy Manager’s Dilemma, Part One: Too Many Provider Voicemails

Jenna Bieller

The Energy Manager’s Dilemma, Part One: Too Many Provider Voicemails

This blog is the first in a series where we introduce solutions to common pain points for corporate sustainability and energy managers. Schneider Electric’s New Energy Opportunities (NEO) Network™ was designed specifically to address each of these by providing action-oriented support and unparalleled market access compared to any other platform.

You are a sustainability or energy manager at a company with aggressive renewable energy and/or carbon reduction goals. It is your responsibility to vet clean technology solutions in multiple geographies to reach these goals, maximize cost efficiencies, gain internal approvals, and coordinate implementation — all on a constrained staff and timing budget.

As a result of this pursuit, you walk into work to find 25 voicemails from 25 different solutions providers serving up one attractive clean tech solution after another — and this is your own personal version of the movie, Groundhog Day.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

We hear this sentiment all the time from sustainability and energy managers like you — at companies large and small. With corporate sustainability goals becoming more ambitious each year, your job already presents a worthy challenge. Complicated by a deluge of incomparable offers from a variety of potential suppliers, your task to implement an effective carbon-reduction strategy becomes more demanding.  Without the right experience, it can be impossible to decipher which solutions will best achieve your company’s goals, which technologies will fit your budget, and which of these providers are legitimate.

NEO is a place where energy managers and sustainability leaders go to make strategic decisions about clean techTo address this dilemma, savvy companies, including Kraft Heinz and Gildan, are turning to a virtual network that helps narrow down new energy opportunities to only the most viable, actionable, and economical options suited to their custom needs. The NEO Network is a virtual network intended to help accelerate adoption of global clean tech solutions by enabling commercial, industrial or institutional (C&I) energy and sustainability leaders to make quick, informed decisions on opportunities. From solar and wind power procurement to fuel cells and battery storage, NEO provides up-to-date market information, project availability, and case studies on new energy opportunities and the pre-evaluated solution providers that supply them.

How does the NEO Network benefit your day-to-day? For starters, it eliminates the stress of sorting through developer voicemails piling up in your inbox.  Instead of speculating about the vast number of sales approaches you receive daily, simply log into NEO for a one-stop shop to explore filtered opportunities, chat with a renewable energy expert, connect with trusted providers and leading developers — and ultimately take the next step toward decarbonization. New energy solutions providers can also rest assured that by entering the NEO, they have passed the initial sniff test by someone who has stood in the shoes of the C&I energy buyer.

Underpinned by agnostic research and deep market experience provided by the Schneider Electric team, the NEO Network cuts out the clutter by synthesizing information, incentives, and commercially viable providers into a set of digestible, current opportunities. This means no more guessing on which clean tech providers are reputable and whether the solutions they offer are a good fit for your company. Your NEO company profile distills information about what your business objectives are, thereby eliminating the market inefficiencies of investigating all possible options. Most of this legwork has already been done, leaving only the best new energy opportunities for you to choose from.

For the C&I buyer who gets too many voicemails to count from energy solution providers, NEO provides assurance that you are neither missing opportunities in the market nor wasting your time responding to each provider’s offer. To explore how the NEO Network aligns with your daily responsibilities, please reach out to our team to request a demo.


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