What’s New in the NEO Network?

May 23, 2017 Aaron Parker

What’s New in the NEO Network?

Born on the 26th of July.

That’s when the New Energy Opportunities (NEO) Network was introduced to the energy and sustainability community.

A virtual, collaborative platform that accelerates transactions by educating members on projects, technologies and markets, NEO has become an incubator for partnerships and offerings that help companies meet their efficiency and environmental targets.

Founding participants included industry leaders like AEG, Allergan, Equinix and VF Corporation, as well as EDF Renewable Energy, and other developers and technology providers.

The NEO Network's goal of connecting commercial and industrial (C&I) organizations with innovative projects and products is playing out, as evidenced by a couple recent pieces of news.

NEO Network Bluon LogoBluon Energy

The NEO Network continues to expand. Bluon Energy, the creator of Bluon TdX 20, an energy-efficient replacement refrigerant for existing HVAC-R systems, has joined the co-op and brings a vital solution to network members.

According to Project Drawdown, eco-friendly refrigerants present the top opportunity for carbon-dioxide reduction and climate action, since HVAC-R equipment consumes about 40 percent of electricity globally. Plus, the pending phase out of R-22 refrigerants by the Environmental Protection Agency and similar legislation only increase the urgency for solutions like TdX 20.

Bluon also just took on a new investor — Leonardo DiCaprio — which will help further the company’s momentum and advancements.

NEO Network T-Mobile LogoT-Mobile

The magenta-hued company, also a NEO participant, announced this month that it’s going green with the largest wind power deal ever by a U.S. wireless carrier.

T-Mobile signed a long-term agreement for up to 160 megawatts of capacity from the new Red Dirt wind project in Oklahoma, owned and operated by Enel Green Power. This arrangement will help T-Mobile increase efficiencies and power the company’s operations across the country, including retail stores, call centers and network operations.

“Switching to renewables can boost sustainability initiatives as well as the bottom line,” said Steve Wilhite, senior vice president of Energy & Sustainability Services at Schneider Electric, the NEO Network moderator. “But finding the right resource in the right location at the right price is essential to realizing the full potential of green energy.”

NEO Network Now

NEO Network Update 1

The network currently has more than 30 C&I members, cutting across industries from retail and data centers to pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. The pool will continue to rise with the number of participants expected to reach 75 or more by year’s end.

These companies are supported by developers and technology providers whose stock and trade are utility-scale solar and wind farms, onsite renewable energy generation and energy storage. Plus, Bluon and its refrigerant mark the addition of various efficiency-focused products and services.

Schneider Electric also plans to expand NEO into international markets later this year.

For more information on the NEO Network, request a demo or contact us.


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