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Energy Efficiency

A Sustainable Solution for Cost Containment

Through strategic energy procurement and energy performance improvements, Schneider Electric unlocks energy cost savings across a diversified site portfolio which includes a training facility, a museum, logistics centers and 170+ stores.

The company, a world leader and supplier of mounting and fastening materials, partnered with Schneider Electric to improve cost containment across their sites in Erstein (Bas-Rhin), France.

With a sharp focus on energy costs, the company needed a sustainable solution to address rising energy cost volatility and inefficiencies in aging buildings.

More control over energy costs

As a first step towards cost containment, Schneider Electric helped the company negotiate and secure competitive rates with their electricity and gas suppliers for its headquarters, museum and logistics centers. The resulting energy procurement contract allows the company to avoid unexpected changes in their energy bill and provides cash flow assurances to benefit long-term planning.

But energy price wasn’t the only contributor to rising energy bills at its facilities. Many of the company’s buildings were outdated and inefficient, presenting significant energy waste. In fact, a preliminary site survey revealed €500,000 in overlooked energy savings opportunities.

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Following a detailed site assessment, Schneider Electric identified several energy conservation measures and projects that amounted to 10% energy cost savings across its sites in Erstein (Bas-Rhin), France, including 30% energy reduction at its museum alone.  What’s more, through Schneider Electric’s proven methodology, these projects would payback in just 2.5 years making it an attractive investment that the entire company can benefit from.

The road ahead

When it comes to energy performance, continuous monitoring is needed to ensure facilities are not falling back on old habits or creating new energy waste. By leveraging a centralized data platform, EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor, the company will be able to monitor performance across all sites.

Often, this visibility will reveal more savings opportunities. For example, operators can compare performance across like sites, even use that data to motivate each other in further optimizing energy performance and costs. 

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