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Energy Efficiency

Alamo, TX Recognized For City-Wide Sustainability Innovation

  • Alamo anticipates saving an estimated $6.8 million over the next 20 years

  • The City will recover $2.8 million in lost revenue with new water meters and reduce lighting energy costs by 74% with new LED lighting over the lifetime of the project

The City of Alamo commemorated the success of a city-wide innovation project after concluding construction in the summer of 2022, in partnership with Schneider Electric. This milestone represents the first stride in fulfilling its goal to transform into a smart, innovative community and better serve constituents.

To celebrate their achievements, The City of Alamo was awarded the Innovative Partner Award from Schneider Electric. The award recognizes the progress Alamo has made towards becoming a smart city, as well as the various initiatives that continue to make the City of Alamo an innovative community.

The city began work in February 2021 to modernize city infrastructure with more smart city solutions. In support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, the city recognizes the local and global call for action in creating a more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable Alamo. By substituting outdated water meters with AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) technology and upgrading all city facilities, parks, and sports fields with LED lighting, the city is one step closer to achieving sustainable development.

In addition to achieving their innovation goals, the city anticipates that these upgrades will save an estimated $6.8 million over the next two decades. 

  • State-of-the-art water meters ensure accurate consumption records and reduction of maintenance costs associated with outdated equipment, recovering $94,000 in lost revenue in the first year
  • Converting all city buildings, parks and sports fields to LED lighting has already saved more than $39,500 in the city’s energy use in the first year

The new AMI water meters are designed to monitor water usage more accurately for the city and the consumer. This improved technology is part of the city’s efforts to conserve local water resources. Previous water meters throughout the city were installed in the 1990s and relied on mechanical parts to accurately measure water consumption. AMI technology is designed to help the city bill for actual water used and gives consumers a way to monitor their actual water usage in real-time through an online portal. The meters also do not require manual reads each month, reducing billing errors, and time spent by public works staff.

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