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Energy Efficiency

An ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

By combining services and software with ENERGY STAR programs and tools, Schneider Electric helps companies increase efficiency and sustainability 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named Schneider Electric a 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. This Service and Product Provider Award was presented to Schneider Electric for the company’s efforts to increase energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial, manufacturing and public-sector buildings.

An ENERGY STAR partner for nearly a decade, Schneider Electric has:

  • Benchmarked more than 26,000 facilities using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
  • Used Portfolio Manager audits to identify nearly $6.3 million in annual energy savings across 17.5-million total square feet of space.
  • Helped customers earn ENERGY STAR recognition for more than 350 buildings.

“On a daily basis, we see the value that ENERGY STAR benchmarking and certification brings to our clients,” said John Hoekstra, Director of Sustainability and Cleantech Services at Schneider Electric. “Their individual efforts are all the more important when the efficiency and environmental outcomes are viewed as a whole. ENERGY STAR has been a catalyst for programs that bring bottom-line savings and climate action together.”

To facilitate the collection and analysis of data needed for ENERGY STAR, Schneider Electric integrated the Portfolio Manager tool with Resource Advisor, cloud-based software that helps organizations see, measure and manage energy and sustainability initiatives across an enterprise. This connection allows the seamless exchange of information between the platforms, reducing data entry, and improving integrity and building performance.

“Schneider Electric is helping businesses and organizations save money, save energy, and do their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “Through its focus on energy efficiency, Schneider Electric demonstrates a desire to preserve a healthy planet for future generations by inspiring others to join the cause.”

Starting in 1992, ENERGY STAR and partners have helped to prevent more than 2.4 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. ENERGY STAR and its partners provided more than $11 billion in societal benefits due to reducing damages from climate change in 2014 alone.