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Energy Efficiency

Piscataway Goes Green: Innovative Municipal Climate Action

NJ Township sets a new standard for sustainable municipal development in the US

Piscataway Township, located in New Jersey, is taking the next step in its ongoing commitment to sustainable community development. Their newly announced partnership with Schneider Electric, the Piscataway Goes Green initiative, will see the Township implement a bold slate of energy efficiency and sustainability improvements that will reinforce its position as a US leader in municipal sustainability.

Designing a high-impact sustainable infrastructure initiative

Piscataway Goes Green is driven by a clear vision to reduce the Township’s operational costs and environmental impact while preparing to meet the community’s evolving energy needs. The initiative kicks off a comprehensive Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) that will pave the way for a series of upgrades that will revamp the community's energy infrastructure. These upgrades will roll out in 2024, with all construction expected to be completed in 2025.

The strategic upgrades included in the ESIP will achieve:

  • A significant reduction in energy expenditure.
  • A marked increase in the utilization of solar power.
  • Improved accessibility for electric vehicles (EVs).
  • A transition to modern, efficient infrastructure, particularly in HVAC and lighting systems.

A central feature of Piscataway Goes Green includes the installation of 2.9 MW of solar arrays across eight buildings. Complementing this is the planned deployment of 28 EV charging stations—the largest deployment of its kind by a New Jersey municipality—and an advanced microgrid. With these improvements, the Township will benefit from enhanced energy resilience. The Public Safety building and Town Hall, for example, will have the emergency capability to operate off the grid for approximately 5 days. Piscataway Township will also achieve $19.2 million in savings and a 53% reduction in carbon emissions over the next 20 years, representing a major achievement in fusing economic savvy with environmental responsibility.

Beyond the dollars saved and emissions cut, Piscataway Goes Green is a testament to the Township’s unwavering focus on improving resident quality of life. The project includes improvements to indoor air quality across community facilities. That includes the installation of advanced building automation systems designed to efficiently manage and monitor heating, and modern HVAC systems that will ensure optimal indoor ventilation.

Using strategic financing to build a sustainable future

Financially, the Township will make an investment of $24.9 million to complete this initiative. Over $13 million of that investment will come from a complementary package of incentives, grants, rebates and the utilization of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for the solar installation, microgrid and combined heat and power systems. The remainder of the project will be financed through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with Schneider Electric.

Mayor Brian C. Wahler of Piscataway voiced his support for the initiative saying, "We are taking a bold step toward a greener future and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the environment. Our partnership with Schneider Electric will allow us to continue making significant strides in energy efficiency and sustainability."

Echoing this sentiment, Tammy Tolle, Vice President at Schneider Electric, remarked, "It's an honor to work alongside Piscataway's leaders in this next phase of their environmental stewardship.”

Delivering impact through innovative partnerships

The Piscataway Goes Green initiative stands as a blueprint for municipal sustainable development. It is a testament to what strategic public-private partnerships can achieve, showcasing an economically viable model that other communities can use to meet ambitious sustainability goals.

Visit our Government page for more information about how Schneider Electric can support your city’s green ambitions.