Overcoming Top Roadblocks to Enterprise-wide Efficiency [WEBINAR]

May 22, 2019

Energy efficiency dominates corporate energy investments, with 93 percent of companies using efficiency technologies today. While technology is an enabler, companies are struggling to accelerate energy conservation results portfolio-wide. Funding is perceived to be a top barrier, but capex is only the tip of the iceberg.

Today's global executives face difficult questions to solve for, such as:

  • How can a sprawling international organization like ours move holistically towards long-range energy and carbon reduction goals?
  • How do you finance large-scale capex projects and protect these growing investments?
  • How do you ensure investments are translated to long-term business growth?

Watch the recording of our recent webinar, featuring Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency experts to learn more about roadblocks to enterprise-wide efficiency and tactical strategies for overcoming them.

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