Printpack Partners With Schneider Electric to Address Emissions

April 26, 2022

Printpack and Schneider Electric partner to bring renewable electricity to Querétaro and Guadalajara facilities

Printpack, a U.S.-based manufacturer of flexible and specialty rigid packaging, has partnered with Schneider Electric, the leading advisor on corporate renewable energy procurement globally, to address electricity-related emissions from Printpack’s Querétaro and Guadalajara facilities.

Printpack signed a contract with energy provider Ammper to purchase the amount of international renewable energy certificates (I-RECs) needed to address the approximate yearly electricity consumption of its Querétaro and Guadalajara facilities. These certificates mitigate carbon emissions equivalent to that of driving more than 32 million miles with an average passenger car or charging approximately 1.5 billion smartphones.

“Printpack has a culture of continuous improvement, driving waste out of our production system, and evolving our products to meet the sustainability needs of our customers. Through our efforts to reduce carbon emissions incrementally from our operations, it became obvious that moving to renewable energy needs to happen sooner rather than later if we want to take bigger strides towards our GHG emissions goals.”
Dave McLain, Director of Sustainability, Printpack.

Schneider Electric supported Printpack in the selection of and negotiations for the project.

“With significant and ongoing opportunities in the Mexican electricity market, we welcome the opportunity to support more companies looking to source renewable energy and act on their climate goals,” said Shelby Jett, Senior Director of Emerging Markets, Schneider Electric. “Despite changes and rhetoric in the market, companies can choose a renewable energy supplier in Mexico and save money compared to the local utility. Contracts such as this will help accelerate the move to a low-carbon economy globally.”

The I-RECs purchased by Printpack are certified by the International REC Standard Foundation, a globally recognized standard acknowledged by major reporting frameworks such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, CDP and RE100.

To learn more about Printpack’s sustainability goals, please visit the company’s website

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