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The Benefits of a Holistically Managed Energy Portfolio

As businesses get more advanced in how they consume energy, approaching their energy portfolios holistically becomes increasingly important. Long gone are the days of static portfolios that managed all consumption and prices through simple fixed-price retail electricity contracts. 

Today’s portfolios are much more dynamic. Microgrids, batteries, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and revenue targets are just the beginning. Figuring out the right mix to create an optimized energy portfolio can be challenging, but incredibly fruitful financially, which is why we help our customers to think holistically and to start with a strategy. 

A recent case study of the positive impacts that this strategic, holistic approach can bring was described recently by Lisa Zembrodt on an Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity webinar.   After engaging with Schneider Electric, we uncovered potential savings of more than $200 million over the coming 15 years.  

To identify the optimal approach and calculate the potential savings of various approaches, we:

  • Assessed the company’s risk tolerance
  • Utilized our portfolio scenario analysis tool 
  • Educated stakeholders on available approaches 
  • Provided recommendations for actions suited to their sustainability targets 

Watch the video below to hear more about Schneider Electric’s approach to optimizing your company’s energy portfolio!


Interested in how a strategic assessment of your energy portfolio may benefit your business? We’d love to help – Reach out to our team here.