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Introducing Energize – Increasing Access to Renewables for Pharma Supply Chains

Dear suppliers,

Creating life-saving medicines and services requires a lot of energy, much of it being used by the value chain. Transitioning to renewable energy is often the biggest lever a company has to reduce its emissions. We are pleased to announce a new, first-of-its-kind initiative called Energize – a program to increase access to renewable energy for pharmaceutical supply chains.

Recognizing the power of partnerships and scale in delivering climate action, ten global pharmaceutical companies collaborated to fund the creation of the Energize program, a unique sector-wide initiative. Designed to help accelerate renewable energy adoption through education and functional support, this program aims to help suppliers take action on climate change. As global pressures to decarbonize increase within the pharmaceutical industry, there is opportunity and a potential role to play for our value chain partners such as yourselves.

All pharmaceutical suppliers are invited to learn more about the Energize program by registering at the Energize program website ( Registering does not obligate you to participate in the Energize program – just to learn more about it. There is no cost to register in the Energize program.

Schneider Electric, a leading independent global energy advisor, has been chosen to administer the Energize program and will be sharing more details about the program during two informational sessions. Please join us at either of the below sessions.

Session #1: Tuesday, 9 November, 12:00 EST | 18:00 CET – Register Here

Session #2: Thursday, 11 November, 10:00 EST | 16:00 CET – Register Here

We hope you will consider taking advantage of this renewable energy initiative. Please visit the website to learn more and contact with any questions.  



The ten pharmaceutical companies which collaborated to fund the creation of Energize are not receiving compensation from Schneider Electric related to the program and the companies will not receive any compensation from Schneider Electric if you decide to participate in Energize. Participation in the program is voluntary and you will directly work with Schneider Electric.