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EcoStruxure Power for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals

EcoStruxure Power for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals.  The world is evolving rapidly, the energy transition is disrupting the energy market, and Oil & Gas industry is no different with businesses focusing on:

• Improvement of ROI

• Successful implementation of digital transformation

• Holistic Operational Sustainability and Transition to new energies

• All, while meeting the demands of an ever-Evolving Workforce While the industry shifts to adopt these global trends, traditional pressures have been evolving too!

• The reduction in project risks are critical

• Failure to reduce CapEx can see budgets and footprints increased by 20%

• Constant threat of electrical incidents, downtime, and cyber-attacks are ever-present

Sustainability both financially and ecologically are under the spotlight too, with a strive to achieve Net Zero carbon operations within the foreseeable future. This is why we’ve been developing our most comprehensive digital system architecture yet. Learn more about our Zero Carbon Project