Unpacking Regulations: SEC Climate Disclosure Rule
SEC Climate Disclosure Rule is Finalized
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) long-awaited climate rule has arrived after two years of fervent public discussion. Join experts from Schneider Electric and EcoAct as we unpack the rule to understand who is impacted, what needs to be disclosed, and by when.
Timeline for SEC Climate Disclosure Rule
Gathering data that is accurate and auditable takes time. Businesses are encouraged to begin preparing immediately for the upcoming deadlines.
Our Approach
Blending the knowledge of global experts and sophisticated technology, we lead companies in navigating evolving regulations, including the SEC’s finalized climate disclosure rule. We meet our clients where they are on their compliance journey, empowering them to comply by beginning with a gap assessment or diving into the implementation of requirements, such as calculating a complete emissions inventory.
Embrace Technology, Embrace Success
Embrace unmatched data collection and market-leading software with EcoStruxure Resource Advisor to manage climate risks and Scope 1 and 2 emissions, as outlined by the SEC rule. With sophisticated data visualization, emission factors, and auditability features, successful compliance is on your horizon!
Sustainability Reporting and Climate Risk Experts
Anna Pierce Associate Director, Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Services
Olivia Hill Senior Sustainability Associate
Katie Browning Senior Sustainability Manager
Katie Halpin Sustainability Consultant
Louis Christopher Sustainability Manager
Lindsey Edelman Sustainability Manager
Soffia Alarcon Associate Director Americas Sustainability Consultancy
Andrew Textoris Sustainability Consultant
Priyanka Mandal Senior Sustainability Consultant
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