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How to Accelerate Your Decision-Making Process and Capitalize on New Energy Opportunities

Author: David Hughes 

As the fossil fuel economy fades from its glory days, with coal-fired plants retiring across the globe, the opportunity to transition to a low-carbon economy is more tangible now than ever. The largest countries in the world are stepping up their investments in clean energy, and economics – not regulations – are forcing some of the most prominent fossil-fueled power plants to shut down sooner than anticipated. This organic decline of dirty energy is an indicator that a tipping point has arrived, where the pendulum is beginning to swing in favor of clean technology.

Aggressive innovation among new energy solutions providers, in response to corporate demand and public pressure, has accelerated development of clean technologies to the point that many companies find it overwhelming to choose between them. Corporations across many industries are championing these new energy opportunities, including wind and solar power, distributed generation, energy storage, and other disruptive technologies. With an abundance of emerging solutions, though, the lack of commercially viable technologies is no longer a barrier. More often than not, the barrier to commercial and industrial (C&I) buyers adopting new energy opportunities is the ability to make quick, market-informed decisions.

It’s no secret that multinational executives have a lot to keep up with. Without access to deep market intelligence, relationships with clean tech solution providers and project developers, or awareness of current regulatory structures across global markets, they may find it difficult – or even impossible – to make decisions involving complex new energy transactions. Advisors and consultants can assist this process, but many corporates also want to supplement this support with the autonomy to explore and vet opportunities on their own.  To do this, savvy C&I buyers are turning to a virtual network and platform that aids in helping non-utility energy buyers get familiar with available new energy solutions and connect with peers and solution providers in the market. Introducing: The NEO Network. The New Energy Opportunities (NEO) Network, powered by Schneider Electric, is an online platform and virtual network that accelerates corporate adoption of offsite and onsite cleantech solutions by providing access to current and actionable intelligence. NEO Network is a place where energy, sustainability, and financial leaders come to ensure that opportunities are current, relevant, and viable depending on their specific goals and geographic footprint. With a depth of expert content, market reports, and access to a suite of pre-evaluated new energy solution providers and developers, NEO Network allows C&I buyers to get familiar with new energy structures and solutions in a self-guided fashion.   

A key value of the NEO Network is the community-based support it offers. C&I members receive personalized views into the market by posting information on their unique energy needs, sustainability goals, and geographic areas of focus. Using this collaborative element, companies in the network can leverage the experience of other C&I buyers that have vetted similar clean tech solutions and providers to achieve their goals. Additionally, NEO Network members have access to actively moderated Schneider Electric support to get answers to quick questions on broader clean tech and renewable ambitions.

NEO Network is a decision-enabling virtual network that puts relevant global information in the hands of those who need it. To learn more about the NEO Network, and how it can help your company harness new energy opportunities, get in touch with our team today and select NEO Network in the subject drop-down.