Behind the Curtain: NEO Network Conclave 2018

Jenna Bieller

Behind the Curtain: NEO Network Conclave 2018

In April, we held our annual NEO Network™ Conclave event at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY.  For the 40+ C&I buyer and solution provider attendees, it was three fun-filled days of good content and even better conversation.

NEO Network is the leading community of corporatNEO conclave brown formane cleantech buyers and solution providers.  Conclave showcases the community element of the Network by creating a casual, intimate space in which buyers at any stage of their journey can explore how to advance their energy procurement goals.

At the event, NEO Network members were introduced to an updated network interface, which features a suite of market analytic apps tailored to corporate buyers.  Using these unique tools and the market-leading intelligence inside NEO Network, members can craft a long-term strategy and accelerate their decision-making on cleantech purchasing.

AttendNEO Conclaveees were also treated to an in-depth view on corporate renewable energy buying from Brown-Forman, a NEO Network member that recently executed a 30 MW virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) for wind generation.  With the VPPA, Brown-Forman intends to achieve 90% renewable electricity for its U.S. operations.

Emissions reductions, energy budget stability, and cost savings are among the top reasons companies around the world are pursuing large-scale renewable energy supply.  For Brown-Forman, the ability to achieve environmental goals, while saving money on their energy costs with a VPPA, was a key driver that activated and engaged their internal stakeholders.

Another hot topic at the event was risk management, bothcandid conversat5ions at NEO Network Conclave managing the increasing risks posed by climate change, and managing the financial and operational risks of cleantech procurement.  Attendees discussed the various merits of solutions like direct and virtual PPA structures, community solar, distributed generation, and energy storage.  Risk mitigation structures—particularly for PPAs—were also reviewed, and companies shared their thoughts on aggregation, additionality, claims, and communications.

NEO Network ConclaveOf course, no Conclave would be complete without the relaxed and fun environment created by the participants.  This year, our attendees were treated to a tour of Copper + Kings brandy distillery, the iconic Hot Brown, and a legendary, competitive game of cornhole that will not soon be forgotten.

Want to join us at future Conclave events? You can, simply by joining NEO Network under our Accelerator Access program—free to all qualified corporate cleantech buyers.  And if you’re a new energy solution provider, we can help you, too.  Contact us today. 


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