Corporate Renewables; An Unlikely Partnership

October 7, 2015 Jenna Bieller

Think of the longest standing superhero-villain rivalry you can. You most likely come up with something like Batman and the Joker, or Superman versus Lex Luther. What if those arch nemeses changed their minds and decided to work together towards a common goal? Seems unlikely, but this tale is all too real when it comes to recent developments between two of today’s most entrenched enemies – fossil fueled utilities and renewable energy developers.

A recent piece from Utility Dive speculates that when it comes to our energy future, working together to both advance renewables and decrease greenhouse gas pollution is in the cards for not only independent power providers, but also corporations, non-profits, and utilities. The history of these entities being pitted against each other is being wiped away by an organization that has a much larger vision of how energy and sustainability will go down in the future. And, the best part is, that all stakeholders involved will win under this new platform.

The Corporate Renewables Partnership (CRP) is the revolutionary group that has brought together over 30 corporations and four NGO’s (BSR, WWF, WRI, and RMI) to develop tools that make access to purchasing renewable power easier, more streamlined, and most importantly, more cooperative.

The intended purpose of bringing together these entities is to create a platform that all parties can agree with. Using tools formulated by the CRP, like the 6 Buyer’s Principles and the Business Renewables Center, energy developers will be better able to anticipate the needs of corporate buyers. Likewise, corporate buyers will have access to the choice and information they desire to get connected with the right renewable energy projects.  

While the idea of bringing policy and capital together may seem as big of a feat as getting Spiderman and the Green Goblin to go to lunch, the truth is that the future of our energy portfolio can no longer bear the contention. A healthy dose of competition, with mutual goals aligned, will make renewable energy more accessible and will open up new opportunities for corporations, utilities, developers, and the entire renewable energy supply chain as a whole.  

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