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Renewable Energy & Cleantech

The Recipe for Renewable Success

Conclave Bologna RenewablesBlend flour, egg, water and a pinch of salt. Knead on a lightly floured surface then roll flat to about 1/8 inch thick. A simple recipe, yet it requires care and attention to execute successfully. For attendees of a recent NEO Network™ Conclave in the lively city of Bologna, Italy, this recipe not only resulted in a delicious homemade pasta dinner, but also lasting connections and strategies for accelerating renewable energy procurement in Europe. Buon appetito!

The group, comprised of energy buyers from large international organizations, renewable energy solutions providers, and market experts from Schneider Electric, worked together in a truly collaborative way, both during the workshop sessions and in the pasta making team-building exercise. Members who had said all day that they never cooked, or had even entered the kitchen, rolled-up their sleeves and did what needed to be done. And the result was not only tasty but rewarding as well!

Likewise, buyers at various stages in their renewable energy procurement journey (from companies which were just developing a strategy to ones exploring advanced procurement techniques) learned more about global and European renewable energy market trends, some of the main instruments for procuring renewables and engaged in useful discussions with peers. During a breakout session, corporates shared the motivators and challenges that they have faced in the pursuit of clean power in Europe and made progress on answering the questions that had been holding them back.

After the intimate and fun event, corporate attendees left shaking each other hands and asking to stay in contact. This atmosphere has permeated each and every Conclave event. Interactive group conversations, one-on-one problem solving, learning and making progress on renewable energy goals.

We could go on about the fun that was had and the valuable knowledge-sharing that occurred. But, since we all know a picture is worth 1000 words, instead we will leave you with one final moment that says it all in an exquisite PPA lasagna baked by Conclave attendees; Anthony Hatfield of Rolls Royce, Angela Treanor of Elgin Energy and Peter Swank of Schneider Electric (below). Of course, no PPA lasagna would be complete without a dressing of besciamella sauce, neatly concocted by Eduardo Gonzalez Sola of Acciona Energia and Janos Hettyey of Schneider Electric (right).

And with that, we thank all attendees for an enjoyable event and look forward to seeing you again at the next! Visit to learn more about the NEO Network and to join the community. Arrivederci!