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Biodiversity Research

Industry has the innovative power to invent solutions for more biodiversity and we at Schneider Electric strongly believe that achievement in biodiversity can best achieved in public-private partnership. 

Raise Corporate Biodiversity Ambition & Aim at No Net Loss

The private sector will also play a key role in achieving both the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 2050 vision of “living in harmony with nature”. We believe that it is critical for businesses to measure their impact on biodiversity, to set biodiversity science-based targets and to build a new deal for nature and people.

It is time for businesses to quantify biodiversity footprints and set ambitious targets to reverse the loss of nature.

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assessing biodiversityAssessing biodiversity footprint, the occasion to accelerate corporate biodiversity strategy

In 2020, Schneider Electric performed the first-ever end-to-end biodiversity footprint assessment with the Global Biodiversity Score (GBS). This assessment should help to map a path towards no net loss of biodiversity. Within this whitepaper, Schneider Electric shares our approach & experience with others to jointly accelerate the transformation.

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