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The Right Utility Bill Fit for Skechers

The Right Utility Bill Fit for Skechers

Skechers is the third largest athletic lifestyle footwear brand in the world.

And as the company continues to grow so does its physical footprint. The company has nearly 500 facilities in the U.S. — 75 added in 2017 alone — a combination of corporate offices, distribution centers, and retail spaces. (Its products are also available in 170 other countries and territories.)

As basic as it sounds, that means a massive stack of utility invoices, around 1,500, that need to be processed and paid every year. Not the most obvious side effect of growth, but one that needs to be handled efficiently.

So the organization is now partnering with Schneider Electric to implement a system to centralize utility bill management and give the retailer greater visibility into its energy use.

“We’re coming off a year of record sales and continued expansion, and realized that streamlining this piece of our operations could contribute more to the bottom line,” said Peter Mow, senior vice president for Real Estate and Construction at Skechers. “We expect this work will provide enhanced clarity and efficiency in our invoice payment process.”

Resource Advisor Utility Bill Management

Schneider Electric is working with each site and the utilities that service those locations to collect, record and pay each utility bill, a process facilitated by an online, automated platform. Skechers’ accounting team can access the software, and will receive customized general ledger and monthly accrual files for enterprise resource planning and to reconcile expenses. As a result, the company can improve efficiencies and process invoices at a reduced cost.

With the foundation in place, the program will also allow Skechers to check bills for errors, a common occurrence with utility invoices. And it offers insight into company-wide data like energy, waste and water consumption, which is key to identifying savings opportunities.

“As a payment partner to Skechers, we’ll act as an extension of its organization from day one,” said Steve Wilhite, Senior Vice President of Energy & Sustainability Services, Schneider Electric. “And by addressing the company’s invoicing needs, we’re putting in place the system and tools to further trim expenses, and help accelerate Skechers’ utility and energy management efforts.”

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