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Being a Schneider Electric Subcontractor

Schneider Electric leverages a Subcontractor Manual to inform and guide potential subcontractors on becoming an approved subcontractor, and ultimately establish a Master Subcontractor Agreement (MSA). The Subcontractor Manual includes detailed overviews of our Principals of Responsibility, Ethics, Sustainability and Environment policies, Federal Acquisition Regulation, and more to ensure subcontractors are aware and agree to adhere to these requirements before any subcontracts are established.

Schneider Electric Buildings Americas Inc. (Energy & Sustainability Services) is pleased to provide you with a Subcontractor Manual to begin the process of allowing you to perform subcontracting efforts for Schneider Electric. This process will allow any Schneider Electric Branch office to subcontract your organization to perform work without the lengthy contract processes previously required on each project. 

The Subcontractor Manual has been developed to help you as the subcontractor to understand the contracting forms (Sample Master Agreement and Subcontract for Construction) and the expected minimum requirements.  As each job has varying contract and installation requirements; project-specific requirements will be addressed with the respective project provisions and scope of work provided with any resulting Subcontract for Construction.

To request a Subcontractor Manual, please complete the form below.  Upon receipt and review of the request you will be sent a package containing several documents required to do business with Schneider Electric.  Included will be:

  • Subcontractor Survey
  • W-9 IRS Request
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Sample Master Agreement, including
  • Sample Subcontract