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Your stakeholders care about sustainability. EnergySage can help you and them take action.

Your employees and customers alike are focused on sustainability, and they want to align with organizations that share their values. A 2021 Meaningful Brands report released by Havas Group found that 73% of global respondents believe that brands must act now for the good of society and the planet. Further, 64% of people, representing a 10-point uptick since 2019, prefer to buy from companies that center both purpose and profit as part of the business strategy.

EnergySage image with house with solar panelsOne simple way to attract, engage, and excite these important stakeholders is by partnering with companies that help them live those values. EnergySage partners with companies, from the Fortune 500 to Main Street, to build employee and customer engagement programs that help them switch to clean energy solutions like solar and heat pumps

What is EnergySage?

EnergySage, a Schneider Electric company, is the nation’s leading residential clean energy marketplace. Customers looking to go solar use EnergySage to shop for products and hire vetted, local installers.

The EnergySage experience is simple and puts customers in control. They answer a few questions about their homes, then receive multiple quotes from trusted rooftop solar installers or community solar providers. EnergySage makes it easy to compare options side-by-side, highlighting the differences between systems, costs, equipment, and installers.

Customers that purchase rooftop solar through EnergySage typically save ~20% compared to similar system quotes they would receive going it alone. That’s because when installers compete for their business, prices are more competitive.

Customers who choose community solar, great for renters or homeowners who aren’t interested in installing solar, save 5-15% annually on electricity bills. EnergySage has over a thousand reviews on Google, Facebook, and other platforms that rave about their free service and unbiased Energy Advisors.

“Partnerships like the one that Schneider has forged with EnergySage are a vital piece of the ecosystem of solutions to address the climate crisis. By enabling greater access to cleaner energy sources like solar, EnergySage offers our employees tangible ways to lower their carbon footprint while reducing their personal energy bills. As an impact company, we are committed to providing access to tools that bring everyone along in the pursuit of a carbon-free energy future.
- Steve Wilhite, Vice President, Schneider Electric Sustainability Business

How to partner with EnergySage

EnergySage partners with leading organizations across the United States to educate and empower communities to take action on clean energy. EnergySage provides customized, high-quality content, research tools, marketing campaigns, energy advising, and bespoke access to a marketplace that simplifies the consumer and business journey to electrification.

Employee benefit programs are turnkey, and partners receive monthly metrics and clear impact reporting. Each partnership starts with a co-branded landing page, a custom communications plan, and a posting to your benefits portal. You work one-on-one with a program manager to map out resources for your team, including:

  • Educational content, articles, videos, and calculators that drive engagement and action.
  • Events, including webinars or Q&A sessions, that help demystify energy options, costs, and financing solutions.
  • Promotions and incentives to drive engagement and reward employees for making clean energy or home electrification purchases.
  • Impact reports that measure and socialize company milestones and emissions offsets and a real-time Partner Analytics Dashboard that monitors success and share outcomes.

"EnergySage has been a great help to me and my family as we educate ourselves about our solar options and start to work with local partners to evaluate the right solution for our home. It’s great to have the EnergySage team as part of the Schneider Electric family and to extend this same helpful network to our customers as well as our employees.”
– Amy Haddon VP, Global Marketing & Communications, Schneider Electric Sustainability Business

Through our partnership with EnergySage, Schneider Electric has already inspired employee action across 36 states and continues to educate employees across the US.

Ready to inspire action? Contact Kim Berkowitz, Senior Partnership Manager, to learn more about partnering with EnergySage. Reach out to her at or book a time to connect.