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How Schneider Electric Helps You Get the Most Out of CDP Reporting

We offer three main levels of CDP support: Fully Managed, Qualitative Development, and Supported Review.

Fully Managed

For organizations that need help getting off the ground, a complete strategy overhaul, or simply need a dedicated expert to support their response every step of the way, Schneider Electric provides a turnkey CDP service. We will help you go from a blank slate to a completed response, or ensure your yearly CDP updates reflect your sustainability progress. We do this by managing every component of the process from synthesizing sections on strategy, risks and opportunities, compiling emissions and energy figures, and even managing final details around specific
language and phrasing.

Qualitative Development

For organizations who need help developing and writing responses, Schneider Electric will help craft your responses to optimize your efforts.

Supported Review

For CDP participants who draft responses independently, Schneider Electric
can provide a lighter touch and targeted support to address your specific needs and empower you to earn the highest score possible. We can do this by reviewing your drafted response or by consulting and helping you draft specific sections or areas of opportunity. Our experts provide a helping hand and guide clients over the finish line before submitting their CDP response.

As a global, long-standing GOLD CDP Accredited Provider, Schneider Electric can help you get the most out of CDP reporting. Contact us today to book a consultation.