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Celebrating Sustainability Education at Longview ISD

Longview Independent School District (LISD) has been awarded the Sustainability Excellence Award for its leadership and commitment to sustainability. This award from Schneider Electric recognizes the district’s efforts to set new standards in K-12 education through initiatives dedicated to environmental stewardship. 

              People standing at an awards ceremony

"We are proud to be recognized for our commitment to sustainability," said Dr. James Wilcox, Longview ISD Superintendent. "We are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible learning environment and this award is a testament to that commitment."

LISD has launched numerous sustainability education initiatives. Notable examples include expanding their agricultural education program via an upgraded livestock barn and a sprawling five-acre garden. This garden serves a dual purpose—it not only provides fresh food to LISD's students but also acts as an interactive educational tool. The farm-to-table program has been a resounding success, producing over 10,827 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables since the beginning of the year.

To support the growth and productivity of this garden, Schneider Electric donated a bee observatory to LISD. The honeybee hives are maintained by the Longview High School Horticulture program, providing students with hands-on experience in producing and selling honey, wax, and wax products at Future Farmers of America (FFA) shows.

For more information, visit Longview ISD's website.

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