Scurry-Rosser ISD Scores Sustainable Turf Field with Energy Savings

April 9, 2019

When Scurry-Rosser Independent School District (ISD)—a three-school district on the outskirts of Dallas—decided it was time to update aging facilities, they knew they needed to find a creative solution to do big-time renovations on a small-town budget.

District-Wide Upgrades

Administrators partnered with Schneider Electric in a long-term energy efficiency performance contract to upgrade safety and security, increase classroom comfort and modernize aging district facilities. In tandem with the necessary renovations, the district used this creative funding mechanism to take its athletics department to the “next level.”

The expansive project included:

  • Replacing the grass football field at the High School with artificial turf
  • Upgrading the security camera system
  • Installing security vestibules to all school entrances
  • Enhancing indoor and outdoor lighting with LED technology
  • Replacing obsolete HVAC equipment
  • Modernizing outdated electrical infrastructure
  • Providing a comprehensive building automation system
  • Improving domestic water efficiency

All in all, Scurry-Rosser ISD will reduce utility consumption by 21 percent, with an average savings of $149,000 per year guaranteed by Schneider Electric for the life of the project. Learn more in this video:

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