Why Companies Are Joining the NEO Network

February 11, 2020

Get to know the NEO Network through 3 quick FAQ’s and a video from one of its members.

1. What is the NEO Network?
The NEO Network is a global community and market intelligence platform focused on advancing reliable and cost-effective renewable energy and cleantech solutions around the world. With over 270+ corporate members, and a large network of developers, NEO Network provides companies with access to experts, the latest market intelligence and the opportunity to explore hundreds of viable projects worldwide – all in one easy-to-navigate place.

2. Why is it relevant?

With the rising urgency to take bold climate action, your executives are likely responding with increasingly ambitious sustainability targets. Regardless of where your organization is in it its renewable energy journey, the NEO Network has tools that can help you accelerate your strategy.   

3. How can it help me right away?

With Accelerator Access, C&I organizations receive complementary access to the NEO Network. As soon as you have been onboarded by a NEO Network representative, you can begin connecting with the community and benefitting from a suite of market analytics and reports. As a NEO Network member, you also get exclusive access to Conclave--an intimate, members-only event focused on global market trends, recent developments in renewable energy procurement and relevant case studies.

Click here to join the NEO Network

In this video, Scott Macmurdo, Director of Business Development at Duke Energy and NEO Network member, shares why companies are joining the NEO Network and how it can help your organization get smart about its renewable energy strategy.  


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