Diversifying Your Energy Supply with Renewables [Webinar]

April 22, 2019

Today’s energy mix is changing as power markets diversify, and companies need to increase their sophistication as a result. Industrial buyers ranging from Cummins to Exxon have already invested in wind and solar power and are exploring distributed energy resources like battery storage and microgrids.

Understanding what renewable and cleantech products and structures are available—and how they can be a cost-effective option to grid supply while helping to manage risk—is a cornerstone for any company looking to effectively navigate the current energy transformation.

In this webinar, hear more from John Powers, VP Global Renewables at Schneider Electric, about:

  • Best practices in energy procurement and why renewable energy should be included as part of an integrated industrial energy strategy;
  • How to evaluate current global market opportunities for renewable energy;
  • What key considerations to look for in both wholesale and retail energy supply purchasing;
  • And get a sneak-peek into market transitions on the horizon.
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