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BNEF Summit 2021: Pushing the Frontier of Digital Technology and Sustainability

BNEF Summit New York, April 13-14 2021 Video courtesy of BNEF Summit NY, 2021 (Link: Digitalization is a powerful tool for closing the gap to net zero, particularly for industrial companies in oil, gas, power, mining, and manufacturing. Digital technologies can help cut Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions through applications like satellite analytics on methane flare events, AI for industrial resource optimization, or blockchain to track supply chain sustainability. The market for digitally-enabled decarbonization will accelerate as urgency on net-zero grows. Which technologies and applications show most promise? What are some notable case studies? How will technology providers respond to this growing market? Veera Johnson Co-founder, Circulor Vanessa Miler-Fels Director, Energy Innovation and Impact, Microsoft Susan Uthayakumar President, Sustainability Business Division, Schneider Electric Moderator: Claire Curry Head of Digital Industry, BloombergNEF