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Schneider Electric Celebrates Triple Win in 2024 E+E Leader Awards

In a significant endorsement of its leadership in sustainability and energy efficiency, Schneider Electric has been honored with three awards in the prestigious 2024 Environment+Energy Leader Awards.

The Environment+Energy Leader Awards recognize the achievements of organizations that set new standards in environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. This year's accolades spotlight the top innovators driving impactful advancements in sustainable practices and energy management across industries. The recognition of three of Schneider Electric’s projects and products among 63 other distinguished winners underscores the company's commitment to a sustainable future.

Here's a look at each of the honorees:

Ecostruxure™ Energy Hub: Pioneering Energy Management

The Ecostruxure™ Energy Hub by Schneider Electric stands out as a pioneering solution in cloud-based energy management for buildings across various sectors. This comprehensive platform melds power with building management through IoT-enabled devices, offering unparalleled energy analysis and benchmarking capabilities. It empowers organizations to meticulously manage their energy consumption, aiding in achieving ambitious sustainability goals. By fostering more informed decision-making, the Ecostruxure™ Energy Hub is instrumental in accelerating the transition towards sustainable operational practices. 

Learn more about Ecostruxure™ Energy Hub here.

Yokota Air Base: A Benchmark in Sustainable Defense Infrastructure

The Yokota Air Force Base project, powered by EcoStruxure microgrid controls, exemplifies cutting-edge innovation in energy resilience. This technology enables Yokota Air Base—a vital hub for U.S. military operations in Asia-Pacific—to sustain its operations independently ("island") during grid outages, ensuring it remains insulated from energy-related vulnerabilities. By optimizing energy generation to maximize savings and enhance efficiency during normal grid conditions, the project has reduced the base's energy demand significantly. This initiative not only fortifies the U.S. Air Force's defense infrastructure but also paves the way for more environmentally responsible military operations.

Learn more about Schneider Electric's work with Yokota Air Base here.

Zeigo by Schneider Electric: Accelerating Decarbonization Efforts

Zeigo represents a leap forward in sustainability software, supporting organizations at any stage of their sustainability journey towards achieving tangible decarbonization outcomes. With Schneider Electric’s backing, Zeigo draws on extensive expertise in executing decarbonization strategies efficiently. Its inclusive and comprehensive approach positions it as a trailblazer in facilitating companies’ efforts to reduce energy consumption and emissions, turning ambitious sustainability goals into attainable achievements.

Learn more about Zeigo here.

Leading the Way Towards a Sustainable Future

Schneider Electric's recognition in the 2024 Environment+Energy Leader Awards underscores our leadership in sustainability and energy management worldwide. Through innovative projects like Yokota Air Base, Ecostruxure™ Energy Hub, and Zeigo, Schneider Electric not only showcases its commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions but also demonstrates how technological innovation can lead to tangible environmental benefits.

For organizations looking to explore how Schneider Electric’s award-winning solutions can transform their operations, contact us here.