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The VELUX Group and Schneider Electric Partner to Pursue Renewable Energy

On January 27th, 2021 The VELUX Group and Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced they will pursue renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), in a partnership. This will further the world’s leading roof window manufacturer’s efforts to deliver on its 100% renewable electricity (RE100) target by 2023, which is part of its company carbon neutral goal for 2030.

The prospective PPAs aim to enable the development of new renewable energy projects across Europe, with Schneider Electric supporting the VELUX Group in the procurement process as a full-service buyer’s advisor. The VELUX Group’s primary motivation is to achieve its RE 100 target and bring new renewable energy onto the grid.

This effort is one part of the VELUX Group’s commitment to become a 100 percent carbon neutral company (scope 1 and 2). Furthermore, it is working to halve carbon emissions across its value chain (scope 3) by 2030. At the same time, the Group will capture its entire historical carbon footprint – dating back to its founding in 1941 – through forest conservation projects, identified and managed by Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). Together, these initiatives are expected to support the VELUX Group’s overall commitment to be Lifetime Carbon Neutral by 2041.

The prospective PPAs aim to represent a mix of clean technologies, with VELUX looking to secure a long-term commitment to purchase power at a fixed price. A PPA provides renewable energy developers the business case needed to establish new, clean power generation. For VELUX, a PPA will ensure stability and predictability in electricity prices and enable the company to address its scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions.

The VELUX Group is seeking to pursue new non-subsidized renewable energy projects in EU countries, ensuring clean energy is added to the grid and thereby replacing “brown” power produced from fossil fuels in the most additional way. 

“The planet is facing dual climate and nature crises and we are committed to doing our part to achieve a more sustainable future,” said Jörn Neubert, Senior Vice President  of Supply, the VELUX Group, “We’re proud to be among the first companies in the world – and the first company in the construction industry - to take responsibility for both past and future carbon emissions with our Lifetime Carbon Neutral commitment, and this partnership with Schneider Electric is an important part of this.”

“It is an honor to partner with the VELUX Group on its journey to accelerate decarbonization with renewable energy,” said Philippe Diez, VP EMEA Energy & Sustainability Services Schneider Electric. “The VELUX Group is an ambitious pioneer of corporate climate and nature action.  To take responsibility for not only past impact, but also future emissions, is both innovative and inspiring.  We are thrilled to accelerate its climate goals and support its ultimate commitment to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral by 2041.”   

Renewable electricity purchasing is one part of the VELUX Group’s commitment to eliminate the company’s reliance on energy produced by fossil fuels. The initial focus is on improving energy efficiency across all sites, as well as establishing onsite renewable heating and onsite renewable electricity capabilities by using solar cells. Combined, this will help the VELUX Group reach its ambitious target of zero carbon on all sites by 2030.