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Schneider Electric Maintains #1 ESCO Ranking in 2023 Leaderboard

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We are proud to announce that Schneider Electric has once again been named the top ranked energy service company (ESCO) by market intelligence firm Guidehouse Insights! Schneider Electric has maintained the #1 ranking on the Guidehouse Insights ESCO Leaderboard since 2017, underscoring our dedication to leadership in the constantly evolving energy sector. 

This year’s ranking comes after a rigorous evaluation against 11 significant players in the energy services sector. Guidehouse Insights selected Schneider Electric as the top ESCO for our vision and commitment to innovation, particularly in project scope and financing models. Schneider Electric has expanded its capabilities in resilience and sustainability consulting services in response to federal emission mandates and expanded federal stimulus programs. Our track record of building robust client partnerships, which deliver far beyond the scope of traditional ESCO projects, also contributed to landing us the top spot.

Driving Innovation Across Our Services 

In this year's report, Guidehouse Insights cites innovation as a major differentiator. Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Schneider Electric, beginning with offering unique funding models that allow our clients to realize bigger and better returns on their investment. The report recognizes that our “ability to leverage diverse stimulus programs, particularly in the public sector, showcases [Schneider Electric’s] proactive stance in securing funding for its clients, and enabling project developments.”  

We are equally committed to delivering the most innovative solutions available in the energy services market. The Guidehouse report highlights Schneider Electric’s comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technology offers, “encompassing every facet of energy management and sustainability,” as a key strength. This portfolio allows us to “execute projects seamlessly from start to finish,” from building automation and capital asset planning software to “all building electrification and efficiency domains, integrating renewable energy solutions.”  

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Forging Enduring Client Partnerships

Schneider Electric’s approach to client services is another reason for our #1 ranking. We know that our public sector clients work tirelessly to serve their communities and schools, so we prioritize being more than just a vendor. We strive to become their partner in achieving their vision. The authors of the Guidehouse report agree, finding that “a standout characteristic is [Schneider Electric’s] client-centric approach that focuses on forging enduring relationships and prioritizing long-term impacts over short-term gains.” 

We work together with our clients to find solutions that meet their unique needs and provide the most impact. By focusing on addressing their needs beyond just energy efficiency, we help our clients create facilities that enable better occupant comfort, health, security, and access to modern technology. 

According to the report, Schneider Electric is particularly unique for our “comprehensive vision that addresses long-term climate change and energy crises—centered on a commitment to combat environmental challenges through sustainable solutions. It demonstrates this by its emphasis on energy resilience, with projects designed for optimal performance and their ability to withstand unforeseen emergencies.” 

Delivering Results in an Evolving Energy Services Market

The 2023 Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard “ranks 11 leading ESCO market incumbents on their ability to innovate and increase technology and financing options available to clients, through traditional performance contracts as well as other contracting mechanisms.” These players were rated on 10 criteria, spanning strategy and execution including vision, go-to-market strategy, technology, geographic reach, breadth of offerings, ESCO experience and staying power. 

In the report’s executive summary, Guidehouse Insights noted, “Although some ESCO market leaders have historically gained notoriety through their legacy energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs), only through constant market adaptation and diversification of their contracting and financial mechanisms have they remained market leaders in today’s energy landscape.” 

"Schneider Electric's consistent leadership in the ESCO category reflects our commitment to not just meet, but exceed our clients' expectations,” said James Potach, Senior Vice President at Schneider Electric. “Our focus on innovative funding and infrastructure solutions are designed to lay the foundation for sustainable communities, making a positive impact for citizens and businesses.” 

Schneider Electric has completed over 1,000 energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) in its role as an ESCO, delivering nearly $4 billion in savings. To learn more about Schneider Electric’s work with the public sector, contact us here.