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What is Happening in California?

What is happening? Hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses in California have been left without power due to fire-prevention blackouts. In response to high winds and dry weather, PG&E has elected to shut off power across the state in order to prevent deadly wildfires.

In this video, Mark Feasel, VP of Smart Grid and Utilities at Schneider Electric discusses why and how this situation came about, and what companies can do to prevent negative impacts from similar power grid events in the future.

In light of the current crisis in California and the overarching global electricity transformation, utilities and businesses are wondering: "How do we keep energy flowing reliably, safely and sustainably?"

Learn more about smart grid solutions that can protect your organization in this blog: Making Sense of the California Power Outage.


This video was first found on Cheddar. To view the original, click here.