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Resource Advisor: a Leading IoT Platform for Smart Buildings

Schneider Electric recognized for the market-leading IoT capabilities for sustainability and Smart Buildings advancements especially in energy management, reporting, predictive maintenance, and retail portfolio management.

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, named the world’s 2021 most sustainable corporation in 2021, has been recognized as a leader in independent research firm Verdantix’s latest report, Green Quadrant: IoT Platforms for Smart Buildings 2022. Supporting this leader positioning includes a top score in sustainability through the superior collection and management of ESG data as companies around the world continue to rely on Schneider Electric’s expertise.

Currently producing 40% of global emissions, Schneider Electric recognizes that buildings provide some of the greatest opportunity for sustainability and potential impact in combating climate change. With market-leading sustainability management, The EcoStruxure™ Building, an open innovation platform, continues to be a match for the most progressive businesses pursuing ambitious sustainability goals by delivering a full breadth of building solutions that span from connected products to edge control and are further enhanced with applications, analytics, and services.

Considering all supplier offerings assessed in the analysis of IoT Platforms for Smart Buildings, Dayann Charles from Verdantix stated, “We believe Schneider Electric should be shortlisted by firms managing a diverse mix of building assets, retail organizations, and facilities services firms looking to deliver higher value maintenance management.”

“Given Schneider Electric’s market-leading IoT capabilities for sustainability, businesses with a strong ESG agenda should also consider leveraging Schneider Electric, particularly EcoStruxure Resource Advisor, to support the pursuit of ambitious sustainability goals,” added Dayann Charles.

Schneider Electric is dedicated to bringing together leading minds in the smart buildings space. With the aim of helping building owners, operators and investors exceed their sustainability goals, Schneider Electric partners with other innovators in the industry, including Planon. Together, Schneider Electric and Planon are creating the next generation of smart building portfolio management solutions, augmenting business processes with intelligent building systems. Having met the majority of buyer needs, Planon was also featured in Verdantix leaders’ quadrant. By combining our expertise our solutions drive operational sustainability, improve asset value, and simplify compliance. 

"We’re honored to have been deemed again a Leader in Green Quadrant: IoT Platforms for Smart Buildings by Verdantix in 2022,” said Manish Kumar, SVP of Digital Buildings. “The EcoStruxure Building Advisor helps customers around the globe modernize and future proof their buildings and deliver strategic objectives of building de-carbonization, occupant well-being, efficient operations, and enhanced resiliency. With the help of market or location-based emissions summaries that are able to be adjusted as new requirements are set, we are making a lasting impact on realizing net zero goals for our customers across the world.”

Results of Green Quadrant Analysis

Using its proprietary Green Quadrant methodology, Verdantix assessed Schneider Electric’s
IoT offerings that are used in approximately 250,000 buildings across more than 10,000
customers. Based on the Green Quadrant analysis, Verdantix identified four key strengths in
Schneider Electric Advisor offerings, including the following:

  • Comprehensive energy management, spanning power consumption, and
    generation assets:
    EcoStruxure Resource Advisor was recognized for its ability to
    empower portfolio managers to monitor energy across portfolios of any size and create
    energy forecast models. The EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor optimizes the performance
    of microgrids using machine learning, providing better insight into power consumption
    to make impactful changes to both occupant comfort along with overall sustainability.
  • Sustainability and carbon reporting: EcoStruxure Resource Advisor also was well
    scored for its strong sustainability solutions, including providing emissions data and
    carbon reporting through sustainability dashboards. Users closely track their
    sustainability performance against their target goals, such as Scope 3 GHG emissions
    or Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) goals. Even as requirements of sustainability
    change and advance, CarbonMaps is a future-proof solution to providing carbon data
    management reports.
  • Predictive maintenance for assets: EcoStruxure Building Advisor's comprehensive
    asset monitoring and predictive maintenance analyzes energy consumption, HVAC
    performance, continuous fault detection, and diagnostics to drive energy savings. This
    technology leverages digital twin models of 22 types of building assets and
    anonymously compares over 200,000 pieces of equipment to ensure lower usage and
    ensure the longevity of building equipment and technology.
  • Retail portfolio management: EcoStruxure Integrated Retail Management provides
    portfolio managers with both global and granular views of metrics, like footfall,
    conditions, and energy consumption, to remotely manage and track their retail sites.
    The insight provided allows retailers to make more impactful choices around technology
    and equipment choices. According to Verdantix analysis, the software is “one of the
    very few IoT offerings in this study dedicated to retail – to manage locations centrally.
    The solution allows portfolio managers to gain a global perspective of all their stores,
    as well as track and manage these at a more granular level. (...) The solution has
    already been deployed by a leading fast food restaurant chain and a household goods

The report includes analysis of eight Schneider Electric products: EcoStruxure Building
Advisor for facilities and energy management; EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor for control of
on-site energy resources and loads; EcoStruxure Resource Advisor energy and
sustainability data platform; the EcoStruxure Engage Enterprise mobile application for
occupant engagement; and the EcoStruxure for Retail Integrated Management Platform
for retail customers, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor for electrical distribution, and EcoStruxure
Security Expert for access control. Also included in the analysis are Planon Workplace
Insights and The Smart Building Edition from Planon.