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Schneider Electric Renews Partnership with GRESB


  • Schneider Electric continues to enhance its reporting services in sustainability and software with global ESG benchmark

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced that it has renewed its partnership with GRESB as a Premier Partner, aligning itself with the global ESG benchmark for real assets and the growing GRESB network.

GRESB is an independent organization providing validated ESG performance data and peer benchmarks for investors and managers to improve business intelligence, industry engagement and decision-making. This is the 7th year that the company has collaborated with GRESB to improve disclosure and reporting in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. As a Premier Level partner, Schneider Electric will make its portfolio of climate- and sustainability-related services, including its award-winning EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor software platform, available to GRESB respondents.

The 2022 real estate benchmark saw the largest ever growth in total numbers, with 1,820 entities now participating worldwide, covering USD 6.9 trillion of GAV across 74 countries. GRESB also saw another large increase in asset participation, with the Infrastructure Asset Assessment growing by 17% to include 652 assets and the GRESB Infrastructure Fund Assessment recording an 11% growth to cover 166 funds across 70 countries. This growing participation underscores the deepening commitment of the real estate industry to ESG transparency and sustainability.   

In 2022, Schneider Electric’s clients who reported to GRESB saw on average, a score of 77 which is higher than the GRESB average of 74 for the Standing Investments Benchmark and near the Development Benchmark of 81. Additionally, Schneider Electric’s reporting clients saw an 8+ point average increase in their score with 100% earning Green Stars from GRESB. In total, Schneider Electric manages a total gross asset value (GAV) of $235 billion.

“Schneider Electric is an outstanding partner to GRESB, both as a partner and leader in global sustainability,” said Tom Idzal, Head of Americas at GRESB. “We are excited to continue our partnership as we advance the real estate industry forward towards transparency.”

Schneider Electric collaborates with thousands of organizations worldwide to manage and disclose their carbon and resource footprints and to strategically reduce resource consumption through innovative data management, energy efficiency, renewable energy procurement, and climate change mitigation strategies. In total, the company manages more than 128 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent on behalf of its clients annually.

“Our partnership with GRESB drives material value for our clients,” said Mike Fraser, Vice President of Global Sustainability Development for Schneider Electric. “Over the years many of our clients - particularly those in the Private Equity, Finance and Real Estate / Logistics industries - have found that GRESB reporting is no longer an optional event. It‘s table stakes, and a must-have for any industry leader. We are thrilled to expand our partnership, and are excited to see how we can build on our long-term relationship to further expand our support for our clients. With increasing regulations and mounting pressure among investors, customers and other critical stakeholders, companies and their key stakeholders are placing a heightened value on sustainability, and taking tangible and immediate steps to reduce their environmental impact.”

Schneider Electric works to address the diverse and ever-changing energy and sustainability management needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations globally through its independent and trusted approach to proactive energy management, procurement, risk and ESG strategies. The company expects to be carbon neutral in its expanded ecosystem by 2025, five years ahead of its previous 2030 goal. Learn more about Schneider Electric’s advisory services at or follow Schneider Electric Sustainability Business on LinkedIn and Twitter.