2017 Perspectives Energy Recap

December 28, 2017 Andrew Cenci

2017 Perspectives Energy Recap

As another year comes to a close, take a look back at what were some of the popular stories to land here on Perspectives. These are posts the resonated most with you our audience. Our 2017 energy recap takes a look back at the biggest stories this year. We look forward to what 2018 holds for the energy landscape, and be sure to visit here for the latest.

Most Visited Post: “Renewable Retail: Target Hits the Mark”

“Target, one of the leading and largest retailers in the U.S., is expanding its investment in renewable energy and sustainable operations”

People make repairs wind turbines with the help of a crane

The retail company signed a major long-term contract to for 100 megawatts (MW) of new electricity generation capacity from the Solomon Forks wind farm in Kansas. That amount of power is the average usage for 150 of their stores and will help target to continue to pursue clean energy and meet their corporate responsibility goals.  Having already installed rooftop solar panels at 350 of their stores and distribution centers, and the wind farm is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

Most Watched Video: “The Power of Active Energy Management”

The Power of Active Energy Management from Schneider Electric ESS on Vimeo.

Most Shared Post: “NEO Network Expands to Europe”

“European organizations can now connect to the NEO Network to address science-based targets and clean energy goals across their footprint. The virtual community provides commercial and industrial (C&I) companies exclusive access to market intelligence, project and pricing information, and developers and technology providers, streamlining the often-complicated buying process.”

NEO Network EU Post

NEO Network links companies, renewables developers and cleantech providers, delivering the connections and market intelligence to speed transactions. European introduction follows significant US growth and addition of leading global organizations to the NEO Network.


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