2019 Innovation Conference: Energy & Sustainability Perspectives European Edition

On June 19th, 200 energy and sustainability professionals from around Europe met in Barcelona for two days of learning, networking and strategizing. Our Innovation Conference went to new heights with a record number of attendees and attention from the Wall Street Journal*. The event was filled with experts sharing insights on industry trends on a wide range of energy and sustainability topics, as well as peer-learning of best practices and strategies.

The event featured Schneider Electric Senior Vice President Steve Wilhite discussing how to be an agent of change for your business and accelerate the corporate agenda on energy and sustainability. Steve set out a challenge for attendees, asking:

“Have we done everything we can as energy and sustainability professionals to make sure we’re protected from climate-related risks? Are we disrupting our business enough to ensure the future strength of our company?”

Between the plenary sessions, the event was filled with intimate breakout sessions led by both Schneider Electric experts and professionals from other businesses and organizations. This years’ event offered a wide range of topics for attendees such as, “Understanding Scope 3 Emissions”, “Using Data to Inform Decision Making”, and “Your Sustainability Roadmap”. Each session was built to be interactive to create collaboration and peer-learning, taking the topics discussed from knowledge into action.

One of the final plenary talks looked at one of the hottest topics in energy and sustainability, renewables. A panel of experts joined to create, “A Skeptics Guide to Renewables” separating fact from fiction when it comes to the commercial & industrial purchase of renewable energy. The discussion looked at the role renewable energy plays in successful procurement strategies and the panelists shared their own successes and challenges when pursuing a sustainable, effective sourcing strategy.

The 2019 Innovation Conference: Energy & Sustainability Perspectives, in Barcelona, will leave a lasting impact on businesses around the globe. The North American iteration of the event is only a few weeks away and will take place August 22 and 23 in Nashville.  Click here to learn more and be on the lookout for information on our live streams from the event.

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