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Air Products Signs Virtual Power Purchase Agreement for Wind Electricity in Poland

Air Products, a world-leading industrial gases company, has signed a long-term, virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) in Poland with Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) and its Scieki onshore wind farm. 

By 2030, Poland is aiming for renewables to make up 23% of its power generation, with wind energy making a significant contribution.  Air Products’ drive to increase renewable electricity sourcing through a VPPA with one of the world’s largest teams of green infrastructure developers and investors, complements the country’s transformative Energy Policy. 

Demonstrating Air Products’ ongoing commitment to sustainable business management, the agreement equates to an emissions reduction equitable to removing 8,500 cars from Poland’s roads annually.  It also supports the company’s “Third by ‘30’ goal” to reduce its CO₂ emissions intensity (kg CO₂/MM BTU) by one-third by the year 2030 from a 2015 baseline.

Underpinned by its business and sustainability strategy, Air Products invests in many other projects across Poland that provide customers with cleaner energy solutions, such as:

  • The production and distribution of hydrogen for mobility and other sectors.
  • A state-of-the-art dry ice production facility, with significant improvements in plant energy efficiency.
  • Commitment to projects that reduce the energy intensity of installations and plants, water consumption and industrial steam consumption.
  • Telemetry systems to help customers optimally forecast their gas supplies. Monitoring the level of product enables a reduction in delivery frequency by almost a third, saves kilometers driven and subsequently reduces CO₂ vehicle emissions.  Similar savings are also generated by Air Products’ Gastrak® service, which has been shown to reduce customers’ welding shielding gas consumption by up to 65 percent. 

“Delivering cleaner energy solutions is an important part of Air Products’ past, present and future, not just for us as a company, but also for our customers, partners and the communities where we operate,” said Jacek Cichosz, Air Products’ general manager – Industrial Gases, Poland. 

“There is a real commitment in Poland and within the European Union, to address climate challenges with urgency and positive action. Air Products has that same desire towards an effective path in the broader energy transition.”

Edward Northam, Head of GIG Europe – one of the world’s largest teams of green infrastructure developers and investors - said “Air Products is playing a leading role in the energy transition. As such, we are delighted to play a role in accelerating Air Products’ own renewable energy and sustainability journey in Poland.”

The Air Products VPPA in Poland was advised by Schneider Electric, which acted as a full-service buyer’s advisor and assisted Air Products in project selection and negotiations.

"Air Products is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability by signing a VPPA in Poland," said Philippe Diez, Vice President of Energy & Sustainability Services EMEA at Schneider Electric. “We want to congratulate Air Products on this sustainability milestone and for helping to accelerate the European renewable energy transition.”

This post was first found in Air Products' News Room. To view the original, click here.