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COP26 Panel: Technology for Net-Zero

On November 2nd, 2021, during the first week of climate change discussions at the UN COP26 summit in Glasgow, Schneider Electric's Amy Haddon spoke on a panel hosted by BCSE, alongside speakers from Salesforce, Planet, and Novozymes, on the topic of technology for net-zero. Amy leads thought leadership and client communications programs within Schneider Electric's global Sustainability Consulting Division.

In the first clip from the panel discussion, Amy shares how Schneider Electric partners with our customers in their pursuit to reach net-zero emissions. From mapping their footprint to find opportunities to reduce energy usage, to replacing polluting energy sources with clean and renewable technologies, to engaging the value chain on reducing emissions outside our customers' own operations, we help along every step of the journey to net-zero.

"We are unique in the market for and end-to end solution for net zero because we can take our customers from where they are today, fully through net-zero, and beyond"

Hear more from Amy below:

In the next clip, Amy talks about the most important outcome to combating climate change coming out of COP26. Accountability to climate commitments and decisiveness in adopting and deploying clean technologies are critical for both public and private institutions, both while at the climate change conference, as well as moving forward on the path to net-zero.

"Any action that gets you on the path to net-zero is the most important action"

Hear more from Amy below: