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District Implements Energy Efficiency and Modernization Project

  • Modernization project pays for itself utilizing energy and operational cost reductions, saving taxpayer money

  • The district will reduce energy and operation costs by 20% for the next twenty years, saving $2.3M total

Fayetteville City Schools, Tennessee has partnered with Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and sustainability, to implement a comprehensive infrastructure improvement project that will eliminate a deferred maintenance backlog and enhance learning environments across the three-school district. The project is fully self-funded through energy and operational savings gained from the new technologies being installed. Overall, the district will reduce energy costs by 20% and save $2.3M over twenty years.

With limited funding and resources, Fayetteville City Schools is looking to make big changes on a small budget. Their facilities needed system upgrades, from plumbing to HVAC to lighting, but a deferred maintenance backlog and lack of manpower put substantial upgrades out of reach. Through an energy savings project with Schneider Electric, the district has found a way to upgrade facilities and eliminate the backlog, all without touching their existing budget.

“After a 15-year relationship with Schneider Electric, I am personally thrilled that our district can partner with them on a project that will modernize our district and provide us long-lasting savings,” said Bill Hopkins, Director of Schools at Fayetteville City Schools. “As part of our mission to provide academic excellence and preparation for life and careers, we focused on making changes in our facilities that would have the greatest impact on learning environments, including the addition of onsite sanitation production. Our students will be learning in brighter, cleaner and more sustainable classrooms by the start of the 2024 school year.”

The full scope of the project includes:

  • Lighting: Upgrading to long-life efficient LED fixtures will significantly reduce energy use and require less maintenance. The uniform lighting will improve the appearance of district facilities, and occupancy sensors will be in place to save energy when a room is not in use.
  • Building Automation: Installing a comprehensive BAS will provide scheduling of HVAC equipment to match occupant schedules. The implemented BAS will also optimize efficiency and improve occupant comfort.
  • Water: Replacement of select water closets, urinals, flush valves, and faucet aerators to low flow/usage to reduce overall water consumption.
  • Building Envelope: Facilities will receive new door weather-stripping and sweeps, as well as roof/wall joints sealing and window sealing, preventing air leaks, as well as control internal air pressure, quality, ventilation and temperature.
  • HVAC Coil Rejuvenation: Many HVAC units will be deep cleaned and sprayed with a polyurethane coating to better protect units and increase life cycle of the units.
  • Onsite Sanitizer Generation: A new HypoGen 2.0 System will be installed that will provide sufficient cleaning solution for the entire district.

A unique aspect of the project will boost overall facility cleanliness and student health by generating sanitizer onsite. The HypoGen 2.0 System will reduce costs associated with cleaning products, remove the need to store hazardous chemicals onsite, and insulate the district from possible product shortages.

“As fellow Tennesseans, it’s been an honor to partner with Fayetteville City Schools and help fulfill their vision,” said Todd Smith, Market Team Leader, Schneider Electric. “These upgrades not only streamline daily operations, the improvements will also free up budget and resources to focus on other priorities. Being able to accomplish this full scope with self-funded technology will save taxpayer dollars for years to come.”

Construction is expected to be completed in Spring of 2023.

Schneider Electric has successfully implemented 900 ESPC projects across the country, saving partners more than $3 billion, and has captured over $150M in ESSER funding for clients. Schneider Electric has been named the #1 ESCO by Guidehouse Insights and was ranked the #1 Most Sustainable Company in 2021 by Corporate Knights.

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