How Schneider Electric Helps You Get the Most Out of CDP Reporting

We offer three levels of CDP support: Fully Managed, Supported Review, and Gap Analysis.

Fully Managed

For organizations that need help from the start, that have never drafted a response, or want help drafting a new annual response, Schneider Electric can provide a turnkey CDP service. We will help you go from a blank slate to a completed response. We can manage every component of the process from synthesizing sections on strategy, risks and opportunities, and compiling quantitative emissions and energy figures. Schneider Electric will work with your organization to moderate focused internal discussions to elicit the necessary responses that the CDP is seeking, help you to aggregate complex emissions data, and even manage final details around specific language and phrasing. 

Supported Review

For CDP participants who have already completed draft responses, Schneider Electric can provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback. As a CDP Accredited Provider, we have the experience to help provide a helping hand and guide clients over the finish line before submitting their CDP response.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis of your disclosure can help identify areas and activities that may have led to lost points in years past and recommendations on how to improve performance. A Gap Analysis may be of interest to help optimize scores in the next year.

As a long-standing CDP Accredited Provider, Schneider Electric can help you get the most out of CDP reporting.  Contact us today to book a consultation. 


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