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Library Modernization Project Creates Comfortable Space for Patrons

  • The project will reduce energy costs by 32% and generate $1.5 million in savings over the next 20 years

  • New building automation and voice-over-IP technology to improve library operations

The Florence-Lauderdale Public Library has entered a partnership with energy and sustainability expert Schneider Electric that will reduce its energy costs by 32% and generate over $1.5 million in energy and operational savings over the next 20 years. The project will introduce new infrastructure upgrades that will modernize the facility and provide a more comfortable experience for patrons.

The library’s current energy infrastructure is running 24 hours a day leading to astronomical utility costs. Additionally, the library does not have control over its current building automation system (BAS), which leaves them having to call a mechanical contractor anytime they need changes or services performed on it. Part of Schneider Electric’s project will include the installation of a new BAS to gain better control of the existing HVAC equipment and manage it properly.

“Schneider Electric’s work in the Shoals area of Alabama has opened our eyes to how our own energy infrastructure can work more efficiently without being a burden on taxpayers,” said Abby Carpenter, Director of Florence-Lauderdale Public Library. “Seeing the progress they made at UNA and what’s on the horizon for Lauderdale County Schools, as well as many other surrounding entities, we’re excited to embark on our own modernization that will create a better experience for patrons and make our library a cornerstone in the community.”

The project is being funded through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) and will introduce significant upgrades, including:

  • A new roof with a 20-year material and labor warranty coinciding with the 20-year performance guarantee.
  • A new Voice over IP (VoIP) system that includes IP speakers throughout the library allows staff to make clear announcements to patrons.
  • An integration of the BAS with the chilled water system modifications to cut down on utility costs and extend the useful life of the HVAC equipment.

“The Alabama Shoals community has shown an amazing commitment to modernizing its public infrastructure and making it more energy efficient, said Todd Smith, Sales Team Leader for Schneider Electric in Alabama. “Schneider Electric has had the privilege to work with several surrounding school districts, municipalities, and higher education institutions to help them achieve their goals to improve the quality of life for residents and be good stewards of public funds.”

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