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Saputo Dairy Australia Commences Large-scale Renewable Electricity Agreement with ENGIE

Saputo Dairy Australia (SDA), the operating subsidiary of Saputo Inc. in Australia, is issuing this media release to announce that SDA has commenced a 10 year long-term, large-scale renewable power purchase agreement (PPA) with ENGIE, a global leader in renewable energy.

Within two years, this transformational program will ramp up to offset 46% of SDA’s electricity with renewables through ENGIE’s Australian renewable energy generation portfolio.

In 2020, Saputo Inc., one of the top 10 dairy processors in the world, pledged to accelerate its global efforts to safeguard the environment and committed clear targets to achieve sustainable progress, including actively sourcing renewables.

SDA’s long-term commitment to renewable electricity is a big step towards Saputo achieving its promise to reduce its global greenhouse gas intensity by 20% by 2025.

This renewable initiative will be on track to reduce SDA’s carbon dioxide emissions by more than 61,000 tonnes in 2023 - equal to taking more than 13,000 cars off the road and reducing Saputo’s global CO2 footprint by 5.7% (against the FY2020 baseline).

SDA’s 10-year renewable PPA with ENGIE commenced on 1 April, following a two-year intensive program with energy and sustainability advisor, Schneider Electric. Partnering with ENGIE is an important step in sourcing clean renewable electricity to reduce SDA’s environmental footprint and play our part as a sustainable dairy manufacturer.

ENGIE welcomed the deal with SDA. “We’re delighted to be delivering a long-term renewable solution that will help Saputo Dairy Australia achieve their sustainability goals,” said Andrew Hyland, ENGIE’s Executive General Manager of Energy Management.  

Saputo Dairy Australia has demonstrated tremendous commitment to their ‘Saputo Promise’ pledge relating to climate,” said David Eastwood, Head of Energy and Sustainability Services Australia at Schneider Electric. “This long-term commitment to renewable energy clearly supports the foundation and growth of Saputo’s dedication to the environment in Australia and around the globe. We congratulate Saputo for their leadership and another milestone towards a clean energy future for all.”

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